Creature 2

R & A Helsinki International Film Festival: Creature

  • 2 performances


  • Duration

    1 h 27 min

  • Venue

    Pannu Hall

  • Friday 15th of September at 18.30

    Saturday 16th of September at 16.00

    Age limit: K12

    Language: English

    Content warnings: Anxiety

Creature is a filmed theatre project, capturing Akram Khan’s English National Ballet work, also entitled Creature, starring the charismatic dancer Jeffrey Cirio as the Creature, thrillingly athletic and physical, every muscle and tendon visible. The Creature is apparently kept captive in some remote army research unit-slash-prison in the snowy wastes, overseen by a cruel figure called the Major (Fabian Reimair), experimented upon by the Doctor (Stina Quagebeur, who has a distinct Nurse Ratched look), but poignantly befriended by a lowly servant or cleaner called Marie, played by Erina Takahashi. (…)

Text: Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian


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Asif Kapadia


Daniel Landin


Sylvie Landra


Vincenzo Lamagna


Vincenzo Lamagna


Jeffrey Cirio, Erina Takahashi, Stina Quagebeur

Released: 2022

Distributor: The Festival Agency.

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