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Show photographer Riikka Kantinkoski

Susanna Leinonen Company: Birth

  • 6 performances


  • Duration

    1 h (no intermission)

  • Venue

    Erkko Hall

  • Tickets

    55-22 €

  • Show times

    WED 2.10. at 2 PM (Obs. For Art Testers)
    THU 3.10. at 1 PM (Obs. For Art Testers)
    FRI 4.10. at 12 PM (Obs. For Art Testers)
    FRI 4.10. at 7 PM
    SAT 5.10. at 3 PM
    SAT 5.10. at 6 PM


New work by Susanna Leinonen. All begins with birth.

Susanna Leinonen Company’s works, which have performed in nearly 30 countries, have charmed critics and audiences with their uncompromising artistic vision, breathtaking visuals and unique music composed for the works, as well as lighting design and costumes created by top artists in their field.

Ticket information

Standard ticket | 55-22 €
Discount | 40-18 € Under 25, students, unemployed, civil servants and conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.
Pensioners | 45-18 €
Groups | 6+, 50-20 €
Dance and theatre professionals | 33-14 €. Please contact: info@susannaleinonen.com
1 ticket per buyer.

Note: To ensure good visibility to everyone, The Erkko Hall auditorium is steep. Please note that there is no lift to the upper section. Only the first row seats are fully accessible.

Please contact for more info: info@susannaleinonen.com


Choreographer: Susanna Leinonen
Sound design: Kasperi Laine
Costume design: Sari Nuttunen
Dancers: TBA
Production: Susanna Leinonen & Juho Kantinkoski

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