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Willman Dance Company: Black narcissus

  • Show times

    Thu Oct 24 at 7 PM

    Fri Oct 25 at 7 PM

    Sat Oct 26 at 3 PM & at 7 PM

    After the performance on Saturday, October 26, Academy Professor Anssi Peräkylä will deliver a lecture on narcissism to the public, introducing his research project "The Faces of Narcissism."


The bodies of experienced dance artists play together with live music!

In Willman Dance Company's Black narcissus music and movement play the leading role by four dancers and four musicians. Black narcissus is a piece that lives in the terrains of dance theater and contemporary dance, choreographed and directed by Marjaterttu Willman, composed by Ulf Långbacka. It brings the bodies of experienced dancers to the stage, revealing a lifetime of dance and movement.

Black narcissus deals with narcissism by exploring how narcissistic issues affect human interaction. In connection with the performances, academy professor Anssi Peräkylä gives a lecture on narcissism to the audience, opening his research project The face of narcissism.

Ticket information

Standard ticket | 33 €
Pensionare ticket | 28 €
Discount ticket
| 25 € (Under 25, Students, Unemployed, Civil Servants, Conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.
Professional ticket | 20 € Purchase limit one ticket. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.

Pay What You Can | A small number of "Pay What You Can" tickets are also on sale for the performance. PWYC tickets are available at the info point that is located at the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard and here.

The auditorium is unnumbered. In ticket enquiries, please contact:

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