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Show photographer Sakari Viika

Ismo Dance Company: Cycle

  • 5 performances


  • Duration

    50 min., no intermission.

  • Venue

    Pannu Hall

  • Tickets


  • Schedule

    Wed 22.2.2023 at 19:30

    Thu 23.2.2023 at 19:30

    Fri 24.2.2023 at 19:30

    Sat 25.2.2023 at 16:00 and at 19:30

  • duration 50 min., no intermission.

Choreographer Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo's aesthetic imagination and sense of space take viewers on a multi-sensory journey in this beautiful and touching work. At the core of the insightful choreography is the idea of ​​how circular movement repeats itself in people's everyday life, in the cycle of nature and throughout the cycle of life. In the human body, many types of circulation take place, both in the systems that maintain vital functions and in the movements we make every day. Choreographically, it is possible to come up with increasingly complex combinations of circular movements. Circulation as a movement is a condition of life for humans and a life-sustaining phenomenon.

This profoundly creative work takes the unprecedented step of combining two different dance forms, contemporary dance and butoh dance. Their different timings, movement qualities and energies complement each other and create an experience of interweaving. The faster-flowing, dynamic, sometimes rapid paced and abundant movement of contemporary dancers is juxtaposed with the extremely slow but always continuous movement of the butoh dancers. The choreography is structured into a sensual and thought-provoking experience, and approaches philosophical thinking about the cycle of life.

The concept of the circle of life describes the births and deaths of both humans and the rest of nature. The earth revolves both around the sun and around its own axis. The sun rises and sets. Darkness turns into light in the cycle of the day. Water circulates on the earth, evaporating upwards and precipitating down again as rain. The air circulates in the atmosphere we all share. Energy and matter circulate and persist. Transformation is a life-enhancing process. We go beyond individual moments and start celebrating life itself.

The uplifting stage set, consisting of string and light sculptures, was designed by South African architect Simon le Roux. Both sci-fi and sculptural costumes created by Sami Korhonen, a costume designer working in Paris, are full of surprises. Lighting designer Pekka Pitkänen has created an intense atmospheric and captivating light landscape. The piece's enchanting music was composed by Doctor of Music Jouko Kyhälä.

Ismo Dance Company

Choreography, concept and direction

Ismo-Pekka Heikinheimo


Tanja Illukka, Minja Mertanen, Minttu Pietilä, Helena Ratinen


Jouko Kyhälä


Sami Korhonen

Set design

Simon le Roux

Lighting Design

Pekka Pitkänen

Supported by

Arts Promotion Center Finland and the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation

Produced by

Ismo Dance Company in collaboration with Barker Theatre

Supported by

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