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Show photographer Märta Thisner

Cancelled! BamBam Frost: YES

The event has been cancelled. Zodiak will contact all ticket buyers in week 4.

YES, by emerging Swedish choreographer and dancer BamBam Frost, is a cascade of pleasure, sadness and dreams of possibilities. Yes yes yes. This could be something.

Morphing through a constant of what has been and what is. YES insists on fiction as a compass in the imagining of where we want to be. Working with water's transformative powers and the storm's revolutionary potential. YES is soft, YES is dense, YES is tension and release, YES is too much and not enough. YES is everything you touch you change.

BamBam Frost

BamBam Frost is a dancer and choreographer based in Stockholm Sweden. Frost works from an intersectional feminist perspective and her work is in constant transformation and dialog with the current times. SORRY (2018), SO SORRY (2019), and YES (2020) all take off from her interest in social dances and pop cultural phenomenons in relation to the times and contexts they arose from.

In her work she insists on pleasure and fiction as a compass to imagine and shape choreographic proposals for change. Frost has a close collaboration with Lydia Ö. Diakité and their piece immortal summit premiered November 2021.

The work is part of the international Side Step Festival organised by Zodiak 12.-20.02.2022.


Initiator, production, choreographer and performer

BamBam Frost


Lydia Diakité Östberg

Light design

Anton Andersson

Composition and sound design

Yared Cederlund

Set design

Lisa Berkert Wallard


Hanna Kish

Artistic help in the process

Lydia Diakité Östberg ja Alexandra Tveit


Sara Bergsmark & Jessie McLaughlin (MDT), Nordberg Movement


MDT, Säfsten Produktion

Supported by

Kulturrådet, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm Stad and Life Long Burning – Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe project (2018-2022) supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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