Outi Markkula

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Show photographer Tero Ahonen

Introducing Outi Markkula

Outi Markkula is a 2017 graduate of The Theatre Academy Helsinki, a dance artist who works as a performer and writer in the field of art. In her artistic work, Markkula is particularly interested in folk dance and music as a transgenerational, embodied heritage, where personal and social, past and present, and the many meanings of dancing and playing are intertwined in a unique way. Markkula has worked for a long time with the Väkevä Collective and with choreographer Jenni-Elina von Bagh. Since 2020, she has been the editor-in-chief of the online dance magazine Liikekieli.com


Read about Outi Markkula's SPARKS performance Kulkue – Parad – Parade (2022)

Picture: Tero Ahonen
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