Kulkue vaaka ilkkasaastamoinen
Show photographer Ilkka Saastamoinen

Outi Markkula: Kulkue - Parad - Parade

  • 4 performances


  • Duration

    1 h, no intermission

  • Venue

    Pannu Hall

  • Tickets

    25-15 €

  • Performances

    19.19. at 19:30

    20.10. at 19:30

    21.10. at 19:30

    22.10. at 16:00

  • Duration 1h, no intermission
  • Artist talk after the performance 21.10.


Kulkue - Parad - Parade is a contemporary performance that combines dance, music, pre-recorded film and live projection. The piece will premiere at the newly built Dance House Helsinki in October 2022 and continue its journey at Riksscenen, Oslo, in November 2022.

Kulkue - Parad - Parade looks at the individual artistic histories of its Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian creators through an anthropological lens, with a curiosity towards what it means to inhabit and transform traditions in dance and music.

In February 2021 the working group members created a collection of “originals” - short pieces of dance, music and film - that became the source material for the nearly two-year-long process. Using different methods of passing on information - notation, translation and reconstruction, as well as improvisation, play and historical referencing - the materials have carved their way through time, place and medium to become an expression of not just their creators and carriers, but of the interwoven and layered texture of tradition itself.

This interplay between the personal and the shared situates the work as part of a larger current of intermingling and transforming traditions. The makers become informants, collectors, translators and artists all at once, curiously witnessing the leaking concepts of time, genre and authorship. Kulkue - Parad - Parade wishes to celebrate this series of transformations as the most authentic state of tradition.

The SPARKS programme is an artistic development project funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Dance House Helsinki to support artists in Finland who desire to create new large scale works.

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With the SPARKS PASS tickets for both Kulkue - Parad - Parade and Milla Koistinen's Magenta Haze.

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Outi Markkula

Outi Markkula is a dancer and a choreographer who graduated from Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2017. She works as a performer, a convener and a writer in the art field.

In her works Markkula is interested in folk dance and folk music as an intergenerational, physical heritage, where personal meets public, past meets present and the multiple meanings of dancing and playing music intertwine in a special way.

Markkula has worked with the artist collective Väkevä Collective and appeared in the works of the choreographer Jenni-Elina von Bagh. Since 2020 Markkula has been the editor-in-chief of the online magazine Liikekieli.com.

Concept and choreography

Outi Markkula

together with the working group


Katriina Tavi, Outi Markkula, Jukka Tarvainen, Anita Vika Langødegård, Jon Bugge Mariussen, Emilia Lajunen, Eero Grundström, Juhani Haukka


Emilia Lajunen, Eero Grundström

Cinematography and film

Juhani Haukka

Costume designer

Aino Simola

Lighting and set designer

Oskari Kaarne

Choreographer’s assistant

Anni Kaila

Collaborative costume designer

Ingvill Fossheim

Involved in the process

Anna Öberg as mentor, Olof Misgeld as informant


Dance House Helsinki, Riksscenen


The Nordic Culture Fund, The Nordic Culture Point, The Finnish Culture Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Dramaturgical planning

Outi Markkula, Juhani Haukka, Oskari Kaarne, Anni Kaila, Aino Simola

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