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Silvia Gribaudi: GRAND JETÉ

  • Show times

    Sun 4.2.2024 at 6 PM (no intermission)

    Performance language: English

    Note that a smoke machine is used in the performance. Flashing lights are present in some scenes.


"Grand jeté" is a big split in the air, one of the most impressive and virtuosic steps in ballet’s artistry!

GRAND JETÉ is a choreographic project by Silvia Gribaudi with the MM Contemporary Dance Company, italian company directed by Michele Merola. In light of the “grand jeté” Silvia Gribaudi’s current choreographic project explores endings as a source for new beginnings.

In GRAND JETÉ Silvia Gribaudi carries out choreographic research into the relationship between performer and audience, starting with the transmission of certain classical dance steps and their meaning.

Pliè, jeté, tour en l’air... words that are often linked to known steps but that can open up other, deeper imaginaries and that in GRAND JETÉ are experienced together with the performers. Silvia Gribaudi, as in the previous shows, develops a choreographic research by choosing to be on stage and dialoguing in the present time with both dancers and audience.

As an attempt to escape from gravity, a “grand jeté” is a transitioning step of a momentary suspension and a “throwing” of one’s self in the air. Exploring the metaphoric meaning of this virtuosic step in everyday life, GRAND JETÉ becomes an opportunity to challenge and revolt against the irreversibility of any end. How much effort does this take-off towards the unknown require and what kind of adventures a landing may bring? Considering this explosive leap, how do we confront failure and take-off anew? Are you ready to make your own ‘ grand jeté’?

The performance is produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance and is a part of Side Step -festival.


Ticket information

Standard ticket | 42 € (section A), 30€ (section B)
Discount ticket | 21 € (section A), 15€ (section B) Under 25, students, unemployed, civil servants and conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.
Pensioners | 38 € (section A), 27€ (section B)

Note: To ensure good visibility to everyone, The Erkko Hall auditorium is steep. Please note that there is no lift to the upper section. Only the first row seats are fully accessible.

Tickets can also be bought from the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard during their opening hours.

The ticket sale is organized by Zodiak. Please contact Zodiak in ticket enquiries: lipunmyynti@zodiak.fi


Choreography: Silvia Gribaudi
Performers: Silvia Gribaudi & the MM Contemporary Dance Company: Emiliana Campo, Lorenzo Fiorito, Mario Genovese, Matilde Gherardi, Fabiana Lonardo, Alice Ruspaggiari, Rossana Samele, Nicola Stasi, Giuseppe Villarosa, Leonardo Zannella
Music: Matteo Franceschini
Light design: Luca Serafini
Styling: Ettore Lombardi
Assistant choreographer: Paolo Lauri
Dramaturgical consultant: Annette Van Zwoll
Artistic collaboration: Matteo Maffesanti
Technical advice: Leonardo Benetollo
Creative producer: Mauro Danesi
Produced by: Associazione Culturale Zebra (IT)
Co-produced by: MM Contemporary Dance Company (IT), La Biennale de Lyon (FR), Théâtre de la Ville (FR), Rum för Dans (SE), National Theatre Brno within Theatre World Festival Brno (CZ); BPDA - Big Pulse Dance Alliance: Torinodanza Festival (IT), International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA (CZ), Zodiak - Side Step Festival (FI)
Artistic residency: Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna (L’Arboreto-Teatro Dimora | La Corte Ospitale)
with the support of: MiC – Ministero della Cultura, Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Premiere: 2023, 7-8 June International Dance Festival TANEC PRAHA, Prague (CZ)

GRAND JETÉ is a co-production of Big Pulse Dance Alliance, supported by the EU programme Creative Europe.

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Photo: Vojtěch Brtnický


Silvia Gribaudi is an Italian choreographer who also specialises in performing arts in general. Since 2004 she has focused her research on the social impact of bodies, having set at the centre of her choreographic language the comic element and the relationship between audience and performers.

MM Contemporary Dance Company, led by choreographer Michele Merola, is one of the top organizations in Italian dance. Founded in 1999 in Reggio Emilia, its repertoire is rich and varied, thanks to the works of its director as well as of European and Italian choreographers

Born into a family of musicians, Matteo Franceschini began his composition studies with his father later graduating from the « Giuseppe Verdi » Conservatoire in Milan under the guidance of Alessandro Solbiati. Franceschini focuses his research on the theatricality of musical gestures, and on the need to combine different languages together, following the rules of contrast and fusion.

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