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Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators: ZERO-ZERO

  • 3 performances


  • Duration

    70 min (no intermission)

  • Venue

    Pannu Hall

  • Tickets


  • Show times

    THU 14.3. klo 6 PM

    FRI 15.3. klo 6 PM

    SAT 16.3. klo 4 PM

    Duration 1 h, no intermission.

    Unnumbered auditorium.


A journey from the impenetrable obscurity of subconsciousness to the clarity of touch.

ZERO-ZERO is a sensory-stimulating stage performance which draws its theme from the inability to connect due to our inner dissonance. The intense and poetic stage work created for three dancers examines the visible and the invisible with the help of virtuoso movement, dynamic sound and space design, as well as the dialogue created by light and shadow.

ZERO-ZERO was originally created for Skånes Dansteater in 2022.
The work has also been seen in southern Sweden on an extensive tour, where it received a great reception.

“The evening sets our imagination on fire.”
“Contemporary dance, when it is this good, talks straight to the heart.”

- Henric Tiselius / Ystad Allehanda

zero-zero, adjective Meteorology
(of atmospheric conditions) having or characterised by zero visibility in both horizontal and vertical directions

ZERO-ZERO means a total lack of visibility in any direction. When used as a meteorological term the lack of visibility is caused by external factors, such as fog. In the case of a person the lack of visibility can also be caused by internal factors; an internal fog or gloom, if you like. The lack of visibility is always also a lack of perspective. Without visible reference points, that could be other people, the scale of the surrounding world or one’s own orientation in it can’t be grasped. One might also be too close to see, such as in a private introspective space where the invisible landscape is that of the subconscious or the emotions. The result is the same: one is lost (cannot find a connection with themselves, with the surroundings and other people.

Our private personas might be somewhat different to the public personas we project in the public space. A projected persona or the need to project one might become a facade or screen that obscures visibility through it in both directions. One can be present without being seen and without being able to see.

It takes an act of bravery to show oneself as one is. Being visible can be seen as being vulnerable. Conversely it takes strength and courage to be bare. Is a person that is courageous and strong enough to put oneself in an open and vulnerable position really vulnerable or rather available to be present for themselves and the other?

Please find the texts used in the production here.

After each performance, there is an audience discussion in Pannuhalli, which is joined by an expert of the theme of encounter. The total duration of the event is approximately 70 min. including the discussion.

Experts in audience discussions

THU 14.3. Niina Junttila

Niina Junttila is a professor and writer who has researched loneliness, outsiderness, and non-encounter for a long time. She is currently leading a consortium whose main goal is to increase social understanding of the factors, situations, and events that enable the way out of invisibility.

FRI 15.3. Jenni Janakka

Jenni Janakka is a writer and public speaker whose work has explored issues such as communication between people. How do cultural stereotypes and assumptions affect the way we see ourselves and others? And how easy it is to misunderstand? Janakka is known for her project Röyhkeyskoulu and podcasts Himocast and Mielipäiväkirja.

Jenni Janakka

SAT 16.3. Tiina Raevaara

Tiina Raevaara is a writer and science journalist who often explores in her books the sameness of humans and other species and the possibilities for humans to truly encounter other individuals. She has a PhD in genetics, and her latest non-fiction book is called Minä, koira ja ihmiskunta: Lajien välisen yhteiselon historia.

Tiina Raevaara

Watch the introduction of the dancers on JoNuCo:s page

A truly generous evening, full of emotional whirlwinds.”

— Skånska Dagbladet


Ticket information

Standard ticket | 30€
Pensioner | 20€
Discount ticket | 15€ (students, unemployed, conscripts and civil servants)
Group ticket | 18€ (minimum 10 person)

Pay What You Can | A small number of "Pay What You Can" tickets are also on sale for the performance. PWYC tickets are available at the info point that is located at the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard and here. Read more about Pay What You Can tickets and other ticket information.

The auditorium is unnumbered.

Tickets can also be bought from the Box office at the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard.

Ticket inquiries: please contact Dance House Helsinki:

Photo: Carl Johan Folkeson


Direction: Johanna Nuutinen

Choreography: Johanna Nuutinen with the dancers

Dance: Ange Hiroki, Marta Bianchi, Yi-Chi Lee (Antti-Pekka Pudas / cover, Alma Saari / intern)
Music and sound design: Tuomas Norvio

Set design
: Jason Southgate

Light design: Joonas Tikkanen

Costume design
: Helena ”Helle” Carlsson
Dramaturg: Jarkko Lehmus

Technical producer (stage)
: Lauri Lundahl
Technical producer (sound)
: Eero Keskinen
Content of the text
: Ange-Clémentine Hiroki, Pili Abaurrea, Michael Marquez

: Johanna Nuutinen + Collaborators, Skånes Dansteater

Johanna Nuutinen +Collaborators (JoNuCo) is a Helsinki based contemporary dance company founded in 2016. The group produces independent productions and commissioned works both in Finland and internationally. Their recent partners have been e.g. Skånes Dansteater, Zodiak-Center for New Dance, Dance House Helsinki, Tero Saarinen Company and the Finnish National Ballet. In the fall of 2023, the public was able to experience the touching work SKIN HUNGER by lead artist Johanna Nuutinen and the work group in the Erkko hall at Dance House Helsinki. The work, which gained great popularity among the public and critics, was part of the SPARKS project by Dance House Helsinki.

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