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Dance-Brain-Rehab: seminar

Benefits of the Artistic Dance for Fragile Groups – Presentation by the Erasmus+ EU Partners, DanceBrainRehab Project

In this event, our Erasmus+ project partners, present their contemporary dance work with fragile groups, like autism, Down syndrome, stroke, motor disability, visual impairment or mental illness. The event is open for everyone interested in the ways artistic dance can help cognitive functions, emotional expression, motor skills and social interaction of the above-mentioned groups, and how dance practice can support their wellbeing, agency and independence in daily life.

The partners of the DanceBrainRehab project are WiseMotion Community (Finland), Ijshaamanka (Italy), Indie Box (Romania) and A.N.A. Barcelona (Spain). The project is conducted in 2023-2024 with an aim to develop an introductory training program for dance artists and other dance professionals who wish to work with groups with special needs through creative movement.

The event will be held in English with short summaries after each presentation in Finnish.

16-16.05 Welcome
16.05-16.25 Dr. Hanna Poikonen, WiseMotion Community
16.25-16.30 Q&A
16.30-16.50 Monia Mattioli, Ijshaamanka
16.50-16.55 Q&A
16.55-17.15 Dr. Valentine De Piante, Alexandra Balasoiu and Denis Bolborea, Indie Box
17.15-17.20 Q&A
17.20-17.40 Raffaella Crapio and Lisa Bouchacourt, A.N.A. Barcelona
17.40-17.45 Q&A
17.45-18 Closure

Partners of the Erasmus+ EU project DanceBrainRehab 2023-2024

WiseMotion Community (Finland): Dr. Hanna Poikonen

Hanna is a neuroscientist and dancer. Currently, she conducts brain research on expertise and higher education at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich and on mental health and creative movement at the Örebro University Hospital. Hanna has developed the WiseMotion method ( based on her academic research and practice in dance, martial arts and somatic methods. Since 2018, Hanna has toured with WiseMotion in institutions, festivals and rehabilitation centers like Harvard Medical School, Technical University of Berlin, Brain Film Fest Barcelona, Dublin Dance Festival, IRIS Hong Kong, Ballettakademien Stockholm, and in Finland at Aivoliitto, Neuroliitto, Ikäinstituutti, Full Moon Dance Festival and Kuopio Dance Festival.

Ijshaamanka (Italy): Monia Mattioli

Monia is a Dancer and a Coroeographer, with more then 25 years professional experience all around Europe and Central America. Her professional training comes from the University Theather school of Amsterdam "School Voor New Dance Development Department; from 20 years she is based in Italy, whereshe directs an Inclusive Dance-Theatre -Visual Art, Festival "Alter Art Festival” ( and a Dance and Theater Centre "Mi La Danse" for the Research and Professional Training ( Her research of the last 8 years is focused on integrated dance and theater performances languages, she is the founder of the methodology "Dan.Ce.ln.”, (Dance Accessible Integrated) which focus on how to make the techniques of the new contemporary dance, accessible to people with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities.

Indie Box (Romania): Dr. Valentina De Piante, Alexandra Bäläsoiu and Denis Bolborea

Valentina applies and expands the Feldenkrais method and somatics studies in Romania in the field of education, both at the university level and in various performative contexts. She works collaboratively with scientists and artists. Alexandra is a pioneer in researching how movement and artistic practices can facilitate a new medical approach to advance psychiatric studies. Denis focuses on the study of movement, voice, and sound, exploring their potential to expand the possibilities of self-expression, particularly when working with children and vulnerable groups.

A.N.A. Barcelona (Spain): Raffaella Crapio and Lisa Bouchacourt

Raffaella is a dancer, choreographer, and professional pedagogue. She graduated from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona in Choreography and Interpretation of Dance and guest student at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. She was awarded by the I Lake dance Festival 2018 for her artistic career and social involvement through dance. She is a performer and co-creator with Los Escultores del Aire since 2018. Lisa is a dancer, teacher and therapist specializing in women's health. She is professionally trained in dance at different schools in Spain, France and Italy. She also studied Neurolinguistic Programming, Enneagram and Gestalt therapy focused on the performing arts. Currently, she is dedicated to the therapeutic field, exploring the relationship between body, mind and emotion

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