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Show photographer Märta Thisner

Cullberg / Halla Ólafsdóttir: Sylph

  • Show times

    Thu 8.2. at 7 PM

    Fri 9.2. at 7 PM

    The discussion with the artist on fri 9th at Kaapelitehtaan Konttori after the performance.

    Please note that the performance includes flashing lights, theatre haze, loud noises, blood. The performance includes scenes with close physical proximity with audience members.


Rougher, rawer and louder than humans, the sylphs have an airy voice and a giant body!

In her first work for Cullberg, choreographer Halla Ólafsdóttir takes inspiration from the mythological creature the sylph, an ethereal being with the power to shape-shift.

Like the wind, sylphs are constantly on the move. They wander in and out of the ballet’s mysterious forest, dancing, whispering, rustling, knocking and chewing. They call this hobby “listening to the wind,” and for many sylphs it becomes an obsession.

Sylph is created in collaboration with the dancers, the composer Shida Shahabi, set and lighting designer Chrisander Brun, and costume designer Hanna Kisch. Sylph examines what happens choreographically when sound, costume, set design, lights and dance have equal roles. Sylph dabbles in the occult, merges it with classical ballet and explores sounds that are meant to generate a sensorial experience, a sort of a low intensive euphoria.

The performance is produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance and is a part of Side Step -festival.


Ticket information

Standard ticket | 42 €
Discount ticket | 21 € Under 25, students, unemployed, civil servants and conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.
Pensioners | 38 €

Unnumbered auditorium.

Tickets can also be bought from the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard during their opening hours.

The ticket sale is organized by Zodiak. Please contact Zodiak in ticket enquiries:


Choreography: Halla Ólafsdóttir
Music: Shida Shahabi
Set and lighting design: Chrisander Brun
Costume design: Hanna Kisch
Makeup design: Johanna Larsson
Rehearsal directors: Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Patricia Vazquez-Iruretagoyena
Co-producer to the tune House of Sylph: Daniel Fagge Fagerström
Production: Cullberg
Premiere: May 4, 2023, Dansens Hus/Elverket, Stockholm

Set and costume are made by Riksteatern’s workshops and the tailoring atelier LiLaRo.

All text in the performance by the dancers.

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Photo: Märta Thisner

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