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Show photographer Susanna Lönnrot

Awake Percussion & Tölöläb: Ajamana

  • Show times

    Thu 17.8.2023 at 6PM
    Thu 17.8.2023 at 8PM
    Fri 18.8.2023 at 6PM
    Fri 18.8.2023 at 8PM

  • Duration 1 h

    * The event has a unnumbered standing auditorium.

Ajamana is the result of an intentional collision of three parties. The ambitious ensemble Tölöläb and Awake Percussion commissioned a joint work from Juhani Nuorvala, a composer they both admire, who in turn asked them to participate in modifying it. Therefore, the input of the ensembles is not limited to performing the work but rather ranges from improvisation to programming.

Tölöläb introduces to the collaborative effort an element of surprise, woodwind instruments and electronics. Awake Percussion brings an uncompromising attitude and unbeatable percussion skill. The versatile composer promises “electric rhythms, soft ambient landscapes and microtonal earworms”.

What unites the three parties is a readiness for experimentation, of which Ajamana is a prime example. The intentional collision has created something more than the sum of its parts.

* The event has a unnumbered standing auditorium. Seating is arranged when needed.

The performance includes blinking lights and loud music.

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Standard ticket | 35€
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Pensioners | 32 €

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The event has a unnumbered standing auditorium.

The event is organised by Helsinki Festival.

Tölöläb. Photo: Ella Kiviniemi
Awake Percussion. Photo: Susanna Lönnrot

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