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Erkko Hall’s SPARKS programme is proceeding in three phases.

Phase 1: Research (August 2020)
7 - 9 Proposals selected from an Open Cal

The Research phase provides choreographers 2 weeks of salaries to attend a 4-day seminar and workshop on the topic of larger stage works and subsequently refine their proposals.

The seminar and workshop is led by international guest artists and professionals. SPARKS artists have the option to reserve for private consultations with the guests artists and professionals to help strengthen their proposals.

Phase 2: Residency (June-July 2021)
5 Proposals selected from the first phase

The Residency phase provides space and time for artists to create material and test ideas in a rehearsal studio and on a larger theatre stage. 5 proposals will be selected to receive 3 weeks of resources culminating in a 20 mins (minimum) work-in-progress to premiere date.

Phase 3: Production (3 months before premiere in 2022/23)
3 Proposal selected from second phase

The 3 proposals will receive 2 months in a rehearsal studio and 1.5 weeks in the Erkko Hall leading up to the premiere of the production after the house opens. Salaries and a production budget will be provided. The scheduled premieres will take place between 2022 and 2023.

The SPARKS project opens up an opportunity to perceive the nature of Tanssin talo’s operations from a broader perspective than as being just a guest performance venue.

— Veli Lehtovaara, choreographer

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