Mikko Hyvönen: Kosmos - Reunion

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Show photographer Ilkka Saastamoinen

Pannu Hall
1 H 5 min, no intermission
Performance includes
theater smoke and blinking lights.

Discussion with the artists on Thu 19.10. after the performance. The discussion will be held in English.

What kind of expressions for the movement of imagination, mysticism and playfulness can be found in the moment of the performance?

Three performers move between contemporary, historical and futuristic myths. The work studies the relationships between individuals and communities and our relationship to the cosmos inside and outside of us.

The work is part of Dance House Helsinki’s SPARKS project. Supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, SPARKS is an artistic development project which will produce three premieres for both the Erkko Hall and Pannu Hall.

Kuva: Ilkka Saastamoinen

Interview with choreographer Mikko Hyvönen

Tell us about the production’s beginning and inspiration for it. What kind of topics and thoughts does the production deal with?

The production explores contemporary, historical and futuristic myths through dance, music and light design. I’m interested in relationships between individuals and groups, and also in people’s relationship with the cosmos. The topics that have inspired us vary from ancient myths and futuristic space technology. But we are going to present these themes in a new way, finding new variations of them.

Why Kosmos, Cosmos?

Kosmos, as a word, is short and succinct. It is not a scientific definition, compared to universe or space – so the word is related to stories and myths, to the history and the future. I would say that it leads you to mystical thinking, but is still open to interpretations.

You have worked abroad for many years. How has it been returning to Finland?

It has been great to come back to Finland. I feel more “grounded” and confident. Working here has been quite the same as in other European countries. The same topics seem to interest people everywhere. Sometimes, I wish for some sort of playfulness and peace into my life after the pandemic and moving back to Finland.

Tell us about the working group?

Elias Girod, Mira Kautto and Pie Kär are the dancers and they are going to bring all this alive. Stav Yeini composed the music and also created the sound design for the production. Teo Lanerva created the light design. Shared interest for the same topics and previous co-operation with many members of the team have gathered us together for this project – and also some sort of intuition has been involved. Many of us have been studying and living abroad.

The production is a part of the SPARKS project, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. What significance has the project had on the shape of the work?

The project and Dance House Helsinki made this all possible and have helped to bring the team together. Dance House Helsinki supports all the phases of the production.

Kuva: Tero Ahonen

You have worked as a dancer and choreographer. How does your view on dancing change depending on your role?

Frequently, dancers themselves create movements and interpretations during the working process, and that’s why the difference between a dancer and choreographer is for me unclear, and “slippery”. A choreographer is often the creator and takes the role of a director. There are good and challenging aspects to both there roles. But in the role of a dancer I feel more connected to the physical expression.

What kind of atmosphere would you like to create to the audience with your performance?

I hope the performance creates peace and calmness. Our modern times are rushed and everybody is busy with their devices – the performance brings counterweight to this. The aim is to create a shared experience with the audience.

What three adjectives describe best Kosmos – Reunion?

Full of feelings, sensitive and powerful. The two last adjectives oppose one another, but then again, the performance is full of contrasts.


Mikko Hyvönen with the performers

Performed by

Elias Girod, Mira Kautto, Pie Kär

Music and sound design

Stav Yeini

Lighting design

Teo Lanerva


Mikko Hyvönen and Dance House Helsinki

Supported by

The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation

The work is part of Dance House Helsinki’s SPARKS project, supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Thank you

We wish to thank our friends, family members, Dance House Helsinki team and Cliff Catalyst team who have been supporting us during this process and Zodiak – Center for New Dance for seating support.

Mikko Hyvönen

Mikko Hyvönen is a choreographer and dancer, graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels at 2010 and is based in Helsinki at the moment. He has been working as a performer internationally with various groups and constellations of artists.

His choreographic works include human beings in collaboration with the Off/Balance group, solo work Organic synthetic, choreography for the performance called Solitude by musician Lauri Sallinen and a creation with the youth dance group Taika based in Kuhmo. During Autumn 2022 he performed at Zodiak in the creation Eros by Marianna Henriksson and Anna Mustonen.

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