Sika sakissa pysty

Pig in a poke | Avanti’s April Fools Concert

  • Schedule
    Fri 01.04. 7.30 PM
  • Duration approx. 2 hours with 20 min. intermission.
  • The concert includes audiovisual elements.

Buy a pig in a poke from Avanti!

Avanti performs on April fools day 1st April at the new Dance House’s reneved Pannu Hall. The concert is not a total scam, but not quite ordinary. Even though the aim is to sell a pig in a poke, bits of program can be revealed.

Mioko Yokoyama’s Piano Concerto hasn’t yet been performed in Helsinki and the dystopic Piano Sonata ”Helvetinkone (Hell Machine)” by Sampo Kasurinen needs its second coming.

The concert is conducted by young and promising Kristian Sallinen. The poke is still left with a pig – a new piece by Magnus Lindberg, Mystery Musician and variety of surprises and oddities. Take a risk and surrender to Avanti!

The spectacular instrument disklavier 230 VC from Bösendorfer is played by Emil Holmström in Helvetinkone and by Mioko Yokoyama in Piano Concerto.

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Kristian Sallinen


Mioko Yokoyama


Emil Holmström

Mystery Musician
Avanti! Chamber Orchestra

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