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Show photographer Michiel Keuper

Moving in November: Sheena McGrandles - Dawn

  • Performances

    Wed 9.11.2022 at 19:00

    Thu 10.11.2022 at 19:00

  • Duration 2h 30 min. One intermission.

Moving in November presents: DAWN by Sheena McGrandles

Where does the human need to create a family come from? In an autofictional musical, Sheena McGrandles interweaves personal experiences with myths and narrations from ancient and contemporary times, together with a temporary collective of Berlin artists. DAWN is an experimental musical that combines concert, spoken word and performance into a multi-layered and humorous artistic work about reproduction, parenthood, and the power of a child as a symbol of hope. Sheena McGrandles performance Figured was presented in Moving in November’s Traces from November edition 2021.

Sheena McGrandles

Sheena McGrandles is a dancer and choreographer living in Berlin. She works in different contexts such as theatre/stage, education and independent art and culture projects. Her current group of works explores illogical intimacies and radical temporalities as a means of detailed exploration and exaggeration of movement. Her works create hyper-real, multi-narrative and humorous moving landscapes. Sheena presents her works nationally and internationally, including London (The Place), Amsterdam (something raw), Berlin (Sophiensaele), Mexico City (Museo Universitario Del Chopo), Los Angeles (PSSST). She completed her BA at the Laban Centre London and later studied at the HZT/UdK Berlin, where she finished her MA in Solo Dance Authorship. In addition to her work as an artist, Sheena is one of the founding members of neuehäute, where she works on the development of new interdisciplinary platforms and formats for the independent scene in Berlin. In parallel she is part of the collective PSR (performance situation room) who currently curate the new Heizhaus at Uferstudios Berlin.

The performance is part of Moving in November festival, which will be organized from the 3rd to the 13th of November 2022.

As part of the festival, there will be an open discussion with the artist, called Soup Talk, on the 10th of November 12 AM in Caisa.



Sheena McGrandles

By and with

Sheena McGrandles, Moss Beynon Juckes, Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Emeka Ene, Stellan Veloce, Marta Forsberg

Choir direction

Colin Self, Claire Vivianne Sobottke (Helsinki)

Co-concept, dramaturgy

Mila Pavicevic

Vocal coach

Ignacio Jarquin

Choreographic outside eye

Maria F. Scaroni

Irish dance coach

Constantin Kirsten

Light design

Annegret Schalke

Set, costumes

Michiel Keuper, Martin Sieweke

Technical director and light operator

Elliott Cennetoglu

Tour management

Godlive Lawani

Stane Performing Arts Management


Sheena McGrandles & ehrliche Arbeit – freelance office for culture



Funded by

Capital Cultural Fund and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe with funds of the mobility fund “Draussenstadt” & Bezirkskulturfonds Berlin-Mitte

Supported by

PSR-Kollektiv, Uferstudios, Tanzfabrik, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Governement Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR

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