I address you Yoshi Omori 1

I address you: open rehearsals and discussion

  • Date


  • Duration

    1 h

  • Venue

    Pannu Hall

  • Tickets

    Ilmainen / Free


    International Dance Day
    29.4. 5.30PM–6.30PM

Come take a peek at Carl Knif's new solo performance "I address you"! In honor of International Dance Day, the Carl Knif Company invites you to open rehearsals.

The performance weaves together personal memories and the collective experiences of the homosexual minority during the AIDS epidemic. Through a dialogue between history and contemporary phenomena, the work challenges perceptions of self-esteem, inviolability, and empathy. The aim of the performance is to make visible unwritten history and to spark discussion about identity, trauma, and the power of genuine encounters.

After the open rehearsals, there will be a discussion session with choreographer-dancer Carl Knif, join the gathering.

Read more about the "I address you" performance here:

Carl Knif Company: I Address You

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