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Dance House Helsinki opening on 2 February


The first event venue in Finland dedicated to dance, Dance House Helsinki, opens its doors on 2 February 2022 in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. An internationally rare dance landmark offers a unique setting for the performing arts. The opening gala will be broadcast on Yle Teema on the opening day at 8 p.m. The gala will also be available for viewing on Yle Areena.

Finland's first cultural and event venue dedicated to dance, Dance House Helsinki, opens its doors on 2 February 2022 at Cable Factory in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Dance House Helsinki's opening ceremony will be celebrated on 2 February. The opening gala will be broadcasted on Yle Teema at 8 p.m. You can expect spectacular dance performances along with exploring the new cultural centre.

More than 5,400 square metres are dedicated to dance, with 935 seats and the largest dance stage in the Nordic countries

Dance House Helsinki offers a unique environment for performing and experiencing dance and circus. The facilities enable larger international guest performances and domestic productions than before. For example, Erkko Hall is the largest performance space built for dance in the Nordic countries: the stage is 25 metres wide and 16 metres deep, and the total height of the stage is 24 metres. The venues at Dance House Helsinki are adaptable in terms of technology and space, and they are suited to a wide range of events and occasions.

Spring programme includes a wide range of dance events for all ages

Dance House Helsinki offers a wide range of events and performances during the spring. Due to the pandemic, events in February have been cancelled. However, the premieres of Finnish performances and classics as well as dance competitions and concerts are scheduled for the end of the spring.

Dance House Helsinki's programme is available here.

Dance House Helsinki’s programme consists of performances and events organised by different dance and cultural operators. The operators are responsible for event organisation and ticket sales. Please check up-to-date information regarding the performances as well as possible changes caused by corona restrictions from the event programme and, if needed, from the event organiser's website.

Dance House Helsinki maintains up-to-date information on possible changes to the spring programme caused by the coronavirus.

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