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Dance House Helsinki sets up an Advisory Board

Dance House Helsinki sets up an Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is set up to support the staff of Dance House Helsinki and for planning the association's future operations with a multi-professional approach. The Advisory Board will also be available for consultation to the Board of Dance House Helsinki Association.

The aim is to select a diverse group of members for the Advisory Board. Dance professionals and others experts in the field of dance may be suggested as Advisory Board members. The role of the Advisory Board is to participate in discussions on special issues related to Dance House Helsinki's operations, such as potential production models, interesting forms of cooperation, special technical solutions related to performances, and the development of sales and marketing.

Suggestions for Advisory Board members are collected through a public web survey in which candidates can be suggested using an online form. The web survey will be open until 29 March 2020.

The staff of Dance House Helsinki will decide on the composition of the Advisory Board by the end of April 2020. The staff may also ask persons who were not suggested through the web survey if they would like to join the Advisory Board. A person cannot nominate themself.

The Advisory Board will not have the authority to make decisions about the operations of Dance House Helsinki. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to bring a wider perspective to the preparation phase of the decision-making process and to ensure that as many voices as possible are heard in the planning of Dance House Helsinki's operations. The Advisory Board will mainly work with the Board of Dance House Helsinki, on the basis of a pre-defined set of matters. The meeting preparations will be handled by the Board of Dance House Helsinki. The Advisory Board's working language is English.

A meeting fee determined at the Annual General Meeting will be paid to Advisory Board members. The first meeting of the Advisory Board will be held in the spring 2020.

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