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Developing the touring and production environment of dance and circus

Loisto (transl. ‘shine’) is a project between Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Cirko – Center for New Circus and Tanssin talo – Dance House Helsinki. The aim is to develop the international sales and marketing as well as the production and touring of dance and circus and to increase know-how within this scope.

Our objective is to develop the production, marketing and sales of dance and circus works, in a national and international framework, i.e. to:

  • evaluate the problems and issues in production and touring activities and propose solutions for strengthening both domestic and international activities

  • generate sustainable future models for the internationalization of artists as well as for the collaboration between production platforms and artists

  • improve the effectiveness of production work and touring

  • develop forms of networked collaboration together with domestic and international partners

  • work together sharing knowledge and know-how in the fields of dance and circus

This development work brings our production platforms the opportunity to improve production and marketing synergies, build on shared objectives and networks, enable peer support and joint learning, as well as strengthen our shared responsibility for developing the art fields.

When the production and touring networks expand, the effectiveness of activities grows. The costs of expensive first productions are shared among partners and the increase in performances make the activities economically sustainable and effective.

In this project we aim to identify the structural problems in our national cultural policies and in collaboration with funders and decision-makers to propose activities that help the dance and circus fields.

The know-how in production, marketing and touring that will accumulate during this project will benefit both the production platform work in the Finnish dance and circus fields and the network of partners and artists more widely also after the project ends.

The project has a proof-of-concept funding for 2022-2024 from Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.

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