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Davi Pontes and Wallace Ferreira: Repertório N.2

  • Show times

    Sat 3.2. at 5.30 PM

    Sat 3.2. at 7.30 PM

    Duration 30 min.

    Contains nudity and proximity to audience.
    Unnumbered auditorium without seating.


Repertório N.2 is the second part of a choreographic experiment to think of dance as a practice of self-defense.

Using deviant and informal techniques, they bet on an alternative, underground genealogy of self-defensive practices. With these choreographies, Davi Pontes and Wallace Ferreira assume the commitment to think critically about their world, performing the operation of choreographing between imagination and intuition, trying to free thought from the tools of understanding.

Davi Pontes works in between visual arts, choreography, and research. Pontes studied art at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro as well as at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo in Porto. Pontes has been presenting his works on national and international levels in art galleries as well as at international dance and theatre festivals since 2016. Together with Wallace Ferreira, he won the Young Choreographers’ Award of the new talent platform [8:tensions] at the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna in 2022. In theory and in his artistic practice, Pontes deals with systemic and globally operating structures of violence. Pontes searches for ways to analyse and criticise those.

Wallace Ferreira works in choreography, performance, and visual arts. Ferreira studied at the Escola Livre de Artes da Maré (ELÃ) as well as at the Artes Visuais do Parque Lage. Together with Davi Pontes, Ferreira won the Young Choreographers’ Award of the new talent platform [8:tensions] at the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna in 2022. Ferreira works on strategic and choreographic actions that are exempt of representation. In an interdisciplinary approach, Ferreira’s works provoke arrays in which dance, performance, and visual arts come together in friction. Ferreira’s works have been shown in galleries as well as at national and international festivals since 2018.

The performance is produced by Zodiak – Center for New Dance and is a part of Side Step festival.


Ticket information

Standard ticket | 30 €
Discount ticket | 15 € Under 25, students, unemployed, civil servants and conscripts. Please be prepared to present a certificate entitling you to a discount.
Pensioners | 27 €

Unnumbered auditorium without seating.

Tickets can also be bought from the Cable Factory's Glass Courtyard during their opening hours.

The ticket sale is organized by Zodiak. Please contact Zodiak in ticket enquiries:

Photo: Felipe Avila


Concept and performance: Davi Pontes, Wallace Ferreira
Work commissioned by: Frestas - Trienal de Artes 2020/21 - O rio é uma serpente, curated by Beatriz Lemos, Diane Lima and Thiago de Paula Souza.
Premiere: Les Urbaines, Switzerland, 2021

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