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The Advisory Board of Dance House Helsinki has been appointed

The Advisory Board of Dance House Helsinki has been appointed

A multi-professional advisory group focuses especially on the future of dance and Dance House Helsinki. The Advisory Board is intended to bring an outside perspective and guarantee diversity in the planning of the activities of Dance House Helsinki.

The Advisory Board of Dance House Helsinki consists of Marco Bjurström, the President of the Finnish Dance Organization FDO and a multi-talented dancer; Salla Hakanpää, contemporary circus artist; Tero Hytönen, choreographer; Anna Moilanen, entrepreneur; Nana Salin, Associate Director of Aalto EE; Maiju Talvisto, Head of Artist Relations at Flow Festival; and Ari Tenhula, the Managing Director at the Zodiak Center for New Dance.

We have managed to bring together a diverse and wide-ranging team of specialist professionals. I am very confident," says Matti Numminen, Director of Dance House Helsinki.

Areas of operation have been taken into account extensively in the composition of the Advisory Board of Dance House Helsinki. Therefore, in addition to the actors in the dance field, professionals from other fields are also involved.

I look forward to bold brainstorming, inspiring discussions and positive conflicts, as they are often required when something new is born," says Marco Bjurström, a member of the Advisory Board.

Looking to the future

The Advisory Board aims to develop Dance House Helsinki into an even better and more attractive place for diverse audiences and dance professionals. The work is strongly focused on the future.

With a team of advisors, we look boldly to the future. We discussed what we need to take into account concerning the operating environment and its changes. This group is sure to shake up my thinking and keep me on my toes when it comes to changes in the field of dance and society," says Matti Numminen.

The group will get to discuss, among other things, possible production models, interesting forms of co-operation and the development of marketing and sales.

Organisations do not always remember to focus on the future on top of their day-to-day work. It is great that our group can broad-mindedly and openly delve into future prospects," says Anna Moilanen, a member of the Advisory Board and an entrepreneur working on future counselling.

The Advisory Board, which meets four times a year, will meet for the first time at the end of May.

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